NIS Materials

NIS Materials srl, acronym for "Nature Inspired Smart Materials", is a startup dedicated to scientific research, production and sale of innovative products and active ingredients based on advanced materials and biomaterials obtained through proprietary technology. The company studies and develops, in addition to the production process, potential applications following all phases: from basic research to industrialization, thanks to its NIS LAB laboratory, to production and marketing.

All NIS materials are characterized by being highly innovative, thanks to the technology used in their production processes, developed by NIS, protected by industrial secrets and inspired by natural processes in full compliance with the NIS philosophy, which makes them unique in terms of functionality and features. As they are free of dangerous nanoparticles and solvents they are also absolutely biocompatible and safe for both humans and the environment.

The range of products developed by NIS Materials includes a series of materials that can be used according to their type, such as:

  • active ingredients for the industry that are inserted in formulations of different products such as paints, resins and coatings, polymers, ceramche, glass or paper
  • products used in a wide range of applications and industrial sectors such as construction, furniture, textiles and fashion, in food packaging, in the agri-food, cosmetic, medical and biomedical sectors, and in chemicals and detergents. 

NIS materials are cross-sectional, tested and market-ready, but can also be customized according to customer needs and specific applications thanks to the knowledge of the NIS LAB equipment and laboratory.




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