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Recover Ingredients converts by-products from the food industry into high added value materials for the production of innovative natural cosmetics and intelligent fertilizers for agriculture.

Our products are realized applying green processes, uniting high performance with high safety standards for the protection of consumers and the environment.

Many substances used in cosmetics like synthetic polymers and UV filters are indicated by the Food and Drug Administration and by the European Agency for Chemical Substances as harmful for health and the environment. Due to a lack of effective natural alternatives, these substances are still widely used in cosmetic products and consequently the substitution of these ingredients is one of the main needs in the personal care market. We dealt with this problem by developing two ingredients:

  • MarineBoost is an inorganic biomineral, a coral-safe, NON-nanometric extract from fish scales. It can act as a sun protection factor (SPF) booster to increase the photo-protective capacity of any sun cream.
  • SeaPowder is an innovative cosmetic ingredient for technical applications based on calcium carbonate extracted from the shells of marine organisms and capable of replacing synthetic polymers.

The large scale use of phosphates for agricultural purposes has exhausted many natural reserves of phosphorous. Food residues represent an interesting low cost alternative source of phosphorous for the production of fertilizers.

Adopting a circular approach we developed Smart-P, an intelligent fertilizer produced from a combination of natural humic substances and calcium phosphates of biogenic origin (bone and scales) that provide a controlled release of nutrients (P and Ca) for plants. Greenhouse tests have demonstrated that Smart-P can reduce the quantity and frequency of fertilization treatment by 50% compared to traditional fertilizers.



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