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Stem Sel manufactures electrical, electronic and optical machinery and equipment, promoted by biologists. It evolved and was developed in academia, assisted with technology transfer from an academic spin-off. It is based on patented stem cell selection technology with the aim of bringing it to the cell therapy market at a pre-competitive level.

The business then, is based on a product that meets the production needs of end users, namely the factories producing stem cell preparations. This product will be developed through a lab-prototype using existing technologies, leading to the creation of a scalable operation and a portfolio of patents.

The product in question is a flux system that proposes an innovative mode of cell selection, unlike any other techniques on the market. It may be proposed as either an independent cell selection system, priced between 5 and 20 times lower than those using current reference techniques, or in conjunction with or complementary to other reference techniques.

Stem Sel is set to collaborate with the Bologna Nanotech Consortium, on whose premises it already operates. The consortium is made up of companies within the Bolognese nanotechnology industry, and offers incubation and consulting services. It will also be collaborating with two of the limited companies from the consortium: byFlow, for the operation of knowledge transfer related to the technology of the prototype; and Scribe, for the development of the prototype itself. Stem Sel will also collaborate with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna, carrying out research within the university.

The main target market consists of cell banks, which collect, conserve, process and distribute human cells for transplantation, and cell factories, the pharmaceutical industries with a cell-based production. The team is in discussion with corporate finance investors and brokers. The project was selected for the BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative, the most important biotech event in Italy for the support of innovative startups and enterprises in the field.




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