Erasmus per giovani imprenditori

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the exchange program funded by the European Commission,  involving 38 European countries.
The program, which is active since 2009, gives the opportunity to experience business ventures in companies from other European countries, stimulating the internationalization of SMEs and creating startups by transferring knowledge between new and emerging realities and established companies .
A "New entrepreneur" is the one who has established the enterprise over the last three years; a " would be entrepreneur" is the one who intends to set up a new business and has already developed a Business Plan.
The "Host entrepreneur" is the one who has an entrepreneurial experience of more than 3 years.
The combination of entrepreneurs is carried out with the support of intermediary organizations, experienced in business support activities (eg Chambers of commerce, Incubators, start-ups, etc.) in all EU countries. The activities of these bodies are coordinated by Eurochambres, the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
To participate:
  • contact the intermediary organization to understand the availability of funds for young entrepreneurs and receive detailed information on the program;
  • read the guidelines for new entrepreneurs or host entrepreneurs;
  • subscribe to the IT Tool Platform by choosing the Reference Intermediate Organization
The candidate should upload the following documents on the online platform:
  • CV and motivation letter
  • Business Plan
  • Certificate of courses, seminar on entrepreneurship and European portfolio of language

The  Intermediate Body will evaluate the received application within 2/3 weeks, requesting if necessary any integrations to complete the application.

In the case of a positive evaluation, the application will be made public on the IT Tool and the other intermediary organizations and hosted enrolled entrepreneurs will be able to view it in order to be able to proceed with the pairs.
Contractualization will take place, upon acceptance of the European Commission, once the parties concerned have reached agreement on every detail of the exchange (ie work plan).
The reimbursement of expenses is due only to the new contractor with modalities set by the European Commission.
The hosting period has a variable duration, from one month to a maximum of 6 months.
For Emilia-Romagna, intermediary organizations are:


Per ASTER: Enkelejda


Per ALMACUBE: Giampaolo