Arsoluta (BO)

Arsoluta is the first digital platform that makes it possible to find, talk to, and collaborate with artists from all over the world, exhibiting, buying, and selling artworks, without exclusivity restrictions and only minimal commissions.

The idea arose from the lack of a space where emerging artists could freely exhibit their works, equivalent to SoundCloud for musicians or YouTube for videomakers.

Taldeg (BO)

Taldeg is an acceleration program on an e-learning platform for training artists and creative individuals, teaching them business and digital techniques. Once our subscribers are trained they can access the best market opportunities by getting into contact with exhibition spaces and companies interested in their artistic services.

CUE s.r.l. (BO)

Cue Press is the first entirely digital publishing house dedicated to the performing arts.

Channeling the best of the production work in the field and redesigning the idea of "niche" in a global market, Cue Press bases its competitive advantage on the value of the contents it offers and the uniqueness of the technological infostructure.