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FitStadium is a training app devised by the Cesena team of the same name.

The startup was founded by Denis Brighi and Luca Domeniconi, graduates in Computer Engineering at Cesena, and Milos Jankovic, a Telecommunications Engineering graduate at Bologna.

FitStadium's primary objective was to offer all fitness enthusiasts an online meeting point: so in September 2012, the social network was launched.

In 2013, the project won the Spinner award for innovative business ideas with a high knowledge content and it was one of the first businesses hosted by the Cesenalab incubator.

In October 2013 came the involvement of Technogym - The Wellness Company that allowed the project to really take off.

Since the beginning of 2014, the focus of the fledgling startup has moved onto the development of a training app (also great for people unaccustomed to fitness). They hired a developer, Matteo Casadei, a graphic designer, David Santoli and a communications manager, Francesca Galli, and after about a year of intensive work, the app is ready to be launched.

The FitStadium app allows for smart training, maximising results without wasting a gesture. Just like a personal trainer, the app can suggest the right training for the right person. In fact, the app is able to formulate a fully customised workout schedule based on the needs and characteristics of the individual user. As that user progresses, so do the workouts, created by the app, one after another. Thus the user saves time and energy, knowing that their workout is focussed on the results they wish to achieve. The exercises do not require special tools, so you can train anywhere, for as little as just 15 minutes.

Today FitStadium is working to enhance the app, expand its customer base and further develop the project.




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