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Arternative is an innovative startup that uses gaming, mobile technology and the fascination of storytelling to help art enthusiasts rediscover museum art in a new and engaging way.

With Arternative, visitors learn the history of art by playing with individual artworks, tracing a personalised route through museums and putting their own culture to the test.

This is why QuickMuseum has been created: it's an app that allows art enthusiasts to carry the world's leading museums in their pockets and to experience them in a completely new way.

Quick Museum has been developed to fit every type of museum. By downloading the app, the visitor can pocket the Louvre, the Borghese Gallery, the Tate Modern, or even some small regional museums whose beautiful artworks often remain unknown to the general public.

Thanks to its structure and a competent and professional team, Quick Museum also allows little-known museums to have, with minimal financial outlay, a tailor-made app that allows visitors to navigate their works, complete with maps and audioguides.

QuickMuseum's innovation lies firstly in its algorithm (patent pending), which is part of a system for creating visitors' paths within museum spaces; secondly in the new approach it uses to talk about art; and finally in making the visitors themselves the creators of their own experience. Thanks to QuickMuseum, museum and gallery visitors are no longer limited to following pre-set paths and passively absorbing whatever concepts come their way, but can structure their visits based on their own preferences and requirements, actively interacting with the venue and making their visit a memorable and engaging experience.

We also want to apply to the museum and culture industry a business model based on customer feedback (B2B through B2C), ensuring that our business development is tied to the museums with whom we collaborate as well as encouraging public participation, both for able-bodied and disabled art-lovers. To this end we aim to collaborate with smaller museums, offering them new and useful tools such as the big data generated by QuickMuseum (personal user profiles, custom paths and user interactions on the web platform), that will allow us to analyse customer types, behaviours and preferences, allowing in turn for the construction of heat maps and other tools with which museums can organise collections and exhibition spaces that fit with the desires of their visitors. This is especially useful for small museums, as they will benefit greatly from audience feedback, allowing them to tailor their offer and, subsequently, attract more visitors. 

Arternative proposes to make art understandable and accessible to everyone. With this aim firmly in mind, it is dedicated to establishing specific projects for widely overlooked disabled communities, beginning with the hearing-impaired, who still lack a valid alternative to traditional museum audioguides.

Arternative was created in the summer of 2016 thanks to an idea by programmer Alessandro Gallo. Alessandro has a degree in Computer Engineering from Parma and in Information Systems and Technology from Paris, as well as many years' experience working in England. He decided to bring together a team of four young professionals, with different academic and professional backgrounds but the same enthusiasm and passion for art. The first to believe in the project was web and graphic designer, Andrea Maio, a graduate in Design and Communication at Naples and a childhood friend of Alessandro. They were joined by Cristian Camanzi (a graduate in Cultural and Artistic Heritage Conservation and Restoration at Urbino) and Marco Lovisco (a graduate in Multimedia Communication at Perugia with a Masters in Marketing and Communication at Milan), both of whom have been blogging about art for many years. Cristian creates all of the Arternative content while Marco takes care of marketing and communication. 




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