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Digital Market System s.r.l. is an innovative startup that offers the DMS Internet of things (IoT) SYSTEM and KIT, a Cloud Computing service (SaaS) for automated management of all administrative operations (everyday and repetitive both market and office based) required for running markets in public spaces, together with the associated procedures for checking compliance, requirements, charges for occupation of public space, authorizations, permissions, updating of ranking checklists, etc.

The service provided by the DMS (SaaS) software platform running on a private cloud server (AgID qualified ISP) would enable public administrations to:

Offer a comprehensive response to the need for simplification and innovation with a hi-tech system that is easy and secure to operate.
Advance the digital transition process required by the European Union and in the three year National AgID plan (national cloud strategy of the Italian government), while providing a single data exchange system for digitalizing the entire public space commerce sector. 
Direct Internet access avoids the need to install programs or apps locally, thanks to the ease of use provided by operating through a remote cloud.
The DMS App for smartphones, (online mode) enables itinerant traders to:

  • Autonomously sign in on arrival, sign for waste disposal, and sign out of markets. 
  • Receive warning notifications before the deadlines for any operations not yet carried out. 
  • Access the records of all previous operations. 
  • Avoid sanctions or suspensions due to forgetfulness or human error. The DMS platform is connected to the various databases and monitors each deadline, sending notifications for each deadline or discrepancy to be resolved through the app as regards tax obligations, contributions, and obligatory certifications.
  • Pay one-time fees using PAGOPA (when foreseen, also daily fees) or using the DMS pre-paid wallet (CBDC system).
  • Dialogue with trade associations offering accounting management and training services, which also assists the process of inclusion for sellers of foreign origin.

Every operator will be provided with a DMS Smart Card for conducting the operations described above (offline mode) in cases of unavailability of smartphones or system malfunctions.

The DMS internet of things (IoT) KIT comprises a smartphone app - SUAP and PM web application - device base station - smart card - DMS transponder. When installed in all markets and isolated authorized spaces throughout Italy these would form an intelligent infrastructure for public space commerce, all connected to the DMS platform operating through a Cloud server, with real-time mapping of all authorized spaces (under concession of the C.s.A.P) equipped with a “DMS Unique Transponder Placemarker”.

DMS are proposing a PNRR project dealing with commerce in public spaces. As far as is known, no previous projects have been submitted even though the sector involves 22% of total commercial activity in Italy and also represents an essential means for supporting (with products at regulated prices) the more vulnerable social categories.

The DMS System would form a foundation for the digitalization of the sector, bringing together companies and markets into a digital network of business relations, with a single data exchange centre. The data would be acquired and processed by the DMS platform using the dedicated Kits installed in market spaces. A unique data exchange collector would attract the interest of technological companies for the development of new instruments and devices for markets. The system could be replicated with the aim of enhancing markets and companies, raising their quality and keeping them up to date with progress in digital technology. The combination of these aims would help to repopulate markets, which are places of historic cultural value for social aggregation, meeting places for citizens, open air shopping centres. This would also be of key importance for restoring local commercial ecosystems that include craft workshops and traditional local trades, while still remaining in tune with technological developments.

The DMS KIT is maintenance free since the components were developed as IoT devices. When associated through the DMS platform they enable real-time monitoring along with remote and predictive maintenance to minimize downtimes and they are easy to replace without special instrumentation.

The DMS application for the SUAP or municipal police does not conflict with the software already in use by the same, since it can also be limited to simply communicating data from operations conducted in markets, arriving from the DMS KITs.

The “DMS Kit and System” project was awarded funding under the Emilia-Romagna Region POR-FESR 2021/2027 – Action 1.1.5 – support fund for innovative startups.



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