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Domotrick is creating an electronic interface and appropriate software that can be inserted into a conventional electrical socket or within another electrical device (luminaire, electrical appliance, etc.) with the principle aim of controlling said device with different logics: scheduled times, remote request or sensor-activated.

The device is also able to simultaneously detect electrical absorption and other environmental values, which it then stores in an internal memory.

The software bundle includes a Smartphone app that communicates with the device via Bluetooth 4.2 and a backend cloud that can be used as an analysis panel.

Domotrick's innovation lies in the fact that its users are not obliged to redo and/or rewire their entire electrical system. Furthermore, the product design includes the option of using a central Smart Hub to control the system: this centralised hub can communicate independently with the different Domotrick devices and with the cloud, so as to extend the intelligence of the specific devices (e.g. presence detectors), systematically update data detection and download new programs or hot spot activations directly from an online portal.

The founding members of Domotrick are: Nicholas Fantini (Legal Representative), an electrical engineer with four years' experience in SEI s.r.l. as electrical designer in home automation and lighting; and Alessandro Fantini, a minority shareholder, electrical engineer and member of Albo Unico in Reggio Emilia. He has been a technical department and electrical design manager at WEI s.r.l. for 29 years. 



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