Micro- & Nano-electronics


Similla offer innovative digital solutions for the development of advanced materials in hi-tech applications.

Similla integrates virtual models, artificial intelligence, and big data in order to accelerate the design of materials and innovative processes for critical applications in sectors of significant technological impact like: advanced manufacturing, health (biomedical devices, biomaterials), energy (batteries and storage, solar power, etc.), the environment, and agri-food (sensors, etc.).

ZENIT Smart Polycrystals (RA)

ZENIT's business idea of Smart Polycrystals is based on the production and sale of polycrystals for the solid state laser (SSL) machine market.

Existing SSL systems have high manufacturing costs and the machines are heavy and bulky. These laser beams are generated by a single-crystal that heats up locally during laser emission, causing the temporary deformation of the crystalline cell, degrading the quality of the beam and reducing its efficiency.

eSteps (BO)

eSteps acts to counter increasing motor disability in the lower limbs, providing monitoring solutions before, during, and after hospitalization. It applies biomechanical and telerehabilitation protocols along with sports telemonitoring. These combine with hi-tech customized, sustainable solutions that prioritize patients and sportsmen.

Nanoproject (FE)

Nanoproject is an innovative and highly specialised company in the development and use of nanotechnologies.

Nanotechnologies give new features and properties to superficially treated materials as well as product and process improvements.

Through patents and proprietary technologies this company is constantly introducing new applications in the most varied fields, such as the industrial, civil, automotive, naval, commercial or construction one.

Due2Lab Srl (PR)

Starting out in academic laboratories, due2lab s.r.l. brings its top-level research expertise in Physics, Electronics and Materials Science to the manufacture of innovative devices, particularly in the field of ionising radiation detection.

To date, due2lab is the only Italian company and one of a few in the entire world capable of producing and processing semiconductor crystals of CZT (Cadmium Zinc Telluride), creating with them unique detectors with spectroscopic capabilities.