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Emhealia offer the cultural, creative, and wellness industries in the local region and across the country the opportunity to innovate their commercial offer by adding 4-D emotions to their products and services with Em-Station.

Em-Station is the first IoT perfumed essence diffusion system that can be used in spaces up to 100 times larger than with current diffusors, thanks to the possibility of controlling and coordinating up to 16 diffusors simultaneously over WI-FI.

These innovations open up new possibilities for essence diffusion as a component in the products and services of companies operating in wellness, cultural VR and AR content, and live artistic performances, differentiating them from the competition and so improving their market positioning.

Emhealia provides their customers with an expert consultant to assist them when choosing the perfumed essences that integrate best into their products and services.

Emhealia also provide a specialized team for the creation of extremely high quality audio, video, VR, and AR content, designed together with the customer to develop the most emotive and thrilling 4-D experiences possible.

In collaboration with our leading partner, Olfattiva, Emhealia also provides aftersales support for supply of essence refills.

In homes, IoT technology enables automatic integration with music, video, and VR, which would be impossible with current diffusors. The exclusive design created by a world famous designer also makes Em-Station an extremely innovative object for interior decoration.



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