Trailslight (BO)

The patented technology application called TRAILS transforms every street light into an IoT device that is intelligent and interconnected, thanks to the gathering of sound information combined with the use of artificial intelligence.

The TRAILS dispersed application helps reduce wastage of light and energy in street lighting by over 40%, supplying only the necessary quantity of light where and when needed.

VAIMEE S.r.l. (BO)

VAIMEE is an innovative startup and spinoff from the University of Bologna established in 2020. Its technology enables development of modular data-driven applications in an extremely safe and scalable environment.

Based on Open Source technologies, VAIMEE's horizontal Milkydataway solution is very flexible and can be implemented in any context, especially in domains characterized by heterogeneous, unstructured, and dynamic data.

Èlevit (BO)

Èlevit is an innovative startup established to bring to market a new technology that combines touch electronics and decorated glass in an unique way.

Èlevit was born out of a degree thesis in electronic engineering by one of the co-founders, developed in collaboration with two SMEs in Bologna, operating respectively in the glass design and embedded electronics sectors.

Astranoto Srl SB (BO)

ASTRANOTO is an innovative startup and benefit company founded with the aim of helping to modernize small and medium-sized Italian companies by exploiting the specific vertical software functions available in SaaS, Cloud transformation, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) consultancy.

We help to understand, anticipate, and adapt to new global challenges in an ever more complex world. If the thing you need does not exist, we can build it together.


Nexter srl is an innovative startup established in 2021 and based in Rubiera (RE).

Our mission is to design and manufacture innovative technological solutions based on electronics and IT to make our world ever more integrated, free, and collaborative.

We are faithful to Italian design culture all the way from conception to design. Italian creativity and technology is built into all our products.

Quinck (BO)

Quinck is a group of capable young people motivated towards contributing to technological and social progress by specializing in the design and development of innovative technologies, in particular the IoT, cloud computing, and software.

Applying a flexible approach combining consultancy and R&D of innovative solutions, we represent dynamic and adaptable technological partners for the innovation of products and processes.