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Kool is an Italian marketplace that enables clothes shops to earn from unsold goods, and users to purchase fashion mystery boxes from the shops involved by taking part in exclusive monthly sales-events.

The company's name derives not just from its assonance with "Cool", but is also an anagram of "Look", with explicit reference to the fashion sector, in which Kool sets itself the aim of redefining the relationship between discount shopping and warehouse remainders, often destined for disposal a non-recyclable waste.

Kool sets the following specific objectives:

  • Match the advantage for shop keepers of selling magazine remainders with opportunities for final consumers to access exclusive discounts on brands and products that, without such highly competitive pricing, would purchase lower volumes or not at all.
  • Offer an innovative and eco-sustainable approach for the management of clothing store remainders by implementing a marketplace solution that provides shop owners with a new efficient, innovative, and simple sales channel.

Over the last six months Kool have dedicated their resources to the development of their own tech platform, and to affiliate the first partners and test run the market.

The company was also recently awarded a women's business grant and featured in various online and printed publications, including La Repubblica and Forbes.




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