Smart Specialisation Strategy

Spiiky starts from the idea of ​​revolutionising the concept of couponing, completely reimagining it by combining the coupon or offer with a non-offer product and, above all, a fun and social environment in which users can find purchase information in a safe and entertaining way.

Spiiky aims to give users and business owners something completely new, a useful and fun tool for 360° shopping.

Users, after registering for free, have access to:

  • A forum where they can follow their favourite stores and their friends, always discovering new products in line with their own interests.
  • A state of the art geolocation system that allows users to find deals and products on their smartphones in real-time.
  • The choice between buying online and off-line without constraints of any kind.

Business owners, after registering for free, have access to:

  • A free tool - over which they have full control - that allows them to promote their offers, attract customers and earn money by transferring their offline dynamic online.
  • Visibility and virality of offers within a platform that reaches thousands of users and would be impossible to achieve independently.
  • Loyalty: with the follower system, companies can create a database of customers who will forever be connected to their product.

Spiiky does not intermediate. It creates tools and services for the user and business owner to use in complete autonomy, it ensures that everything is functioning correctly and it works to make new and profitable tools available to both users and business owners.

The goal is to handle millions of users while maintaining a lean and flexible cost structure. Offers plus products plus community in a single setting.

Companies using Spiiky are glad they did, with 95% of users giving very positive feedback. 



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