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ForTune, a project by the Mentha company, is a platform for three-minute, high-quality, uninterrupted podcasts. 

Users choose the topics of their interest and ForTune gives them a unique, constantly changing, incisive audio stream interspersed with their favourite music. 

We strongly believe that podcasting in Italy is "the next big thing". And we want to be there. Trends are growing in every country: US has 65 million users, up 7% in the last 2 years, and in Europe funding rounds in this sector are very high (20 million euros collected in 2018). 

ForTune aim is to highlight the soul of the podcast - intimate, personal, always a pleasure to listen to - and mainstream it into the radio, a media that the Italian market is very familiar with. 

The producers of audio content are podcasters who choose ForTune because they are dissatisfied with existing services. Their main problem is to be found. We give a voice to their voices and give them the opportunity to earn money through our platform. 

Companies can deliver advertising that specifically targets their audiences in the form of native content marketing, with purchase conversion rates higher than those of any other form of advertising.




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