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Wenda was born in 2015 from an intuition of the two co-founders, Antonio Catapano and Mattia Nanetti. Backed by international investors, today Wenda is an innovative Italian company that works with global food players, from manufacturers to retailers, from logistics to insurance companies, to boost customer trust, improve process efficiency, and mitigate risks.

Clients are demanding for visibility and quality from suppliers, while it is difficult to deliver it in an ever changing market. Cold chain visibility, traceability and tracking are impossible challenges to be faced without connecting and making sense out of all the quality and logistics data generated by numerous tracking tools. Food & Beverage companies operating nationally and internationally struggle to manage paperworks, data sheets, cold chain softwares, compliance tools. At the same time, food safety is an increasingly important issue, while traceability and the fight against food waste are prerogatives increasingly requested by the market.

To face these challenges, Wenda created a universal and collaborative Platform that allows food and logistics companies to easily manage, analyze and share temperature, logistics and track & trace data from producer to consumer, supporting the most common tracking devices and monitoring systems. The Platform is based on a few key principles: it is all-in-one, to manage all temperature and track & trace data in a single cloud space; it is end-to-end, to provide complete visibility of all processes in the logistical flow; it is farm-to-fork, to collaborate and build trust with suppliers and customers throughout the supply chain; it is open, with a software architecture designed to be interoperable with multiple track & trace technologies; it is analytical, to gain detailed insights from integrated data and make decisions in real time.

Building on these principles, Wenda delivers support for decisions and statistics about temperature and track & trace data to all the protagonists of each specific supply chain, enabling clients to:

  • Track data at every stage of the supply chain, reducing food waste and improving food safety and freshness;
  • Decide intelligently based on organized, clean and unified data, simplifying, automating the management of quality, logistics and supply chain data and alerts;
  • Collaborate in the supply chain, sharing selected information with clients, suppliers and collaborators to increase transparency, traceability and the connection with the protagonists of the chain.




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