Titanium Ideas (MO)

Seerene is an innovative project by Titanium Ideas and the first app dedicated to health mobility. A system of three 3 apps and innovative algorithms establishes a perfect interface between users who need social/healthcare transport, and organizations that offer these services.

An innovative, first of its kind digital ecosystem usable via mobile apps that enables quick intuitive booking of social/healthcare transport through an entirely online channel.

eSteps (BO)

eSteps acts to counter increasing motor disability in the lower limbs, providing monitoring solutions before, during, and after hospitalization. It applies biomechanical and telerehabilitation protocols along with sports telemonitoring. These combine with hi-tech customized, sustainable solutions that prioritize patients and sportsmen.

Casa Gioia (RE)

We are a technological start-up cooperative in Reggio Emilia and we support people with cognitive disabilities and autism.

We apply innovation from our research to create an environment and educational methodology that promotes the identity and autonomy of users. We take the physical, psychic, and social aspects of all users into account as well as the desires and needs of families.

U&O (PC)

U&O is working on is an exoskeleton, a robotic device that can be worn for therapeutic purposes, allowing people with lower limb disabilities to stand and walk. It can also be used as part of an innovative physiotherapy course that's more effective than traditional systems.