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YOUTOOL // design out of the box was founded virtually on 19 September 2011 with a sustained passion for design and as a valuable instrument that can transform ideas into functional timeless products.

YOUTOOL// design out of the box comprises a network of communication professionals who offer companies innovative projects and services for ideation, communication, and sales.

We have networked companies and designers with the aim of developing design projects that include monitoring of the entire production chain process. We apply an on-line workshop method to select the best designers from the web for developing quality ideas, while reducing realization times and costs. Each workshop is conducted using videos and training activities with constant interaction between tutor and participants to ensure and supervise the evolution of the projects.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the founders and support from collaborators and partners, we have organized 12 workshops, with 273 participants in the most successful contest. We have already ushered 20 products into manufacturing with as many more under realization and soon to be marketed.

We have participated in dozens of events and organized some very important occasions thanks to our supporters and technical and institutional partners. Among these we note: Open Design Italia 2012, DOOTB//vol.1 2013, Fruit. Self-Publishing Exhibition 2013, Milano Design Week 2013, and Bologna Design Week 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019.

Over the years YOUTOOL has evolved its primary identity and, though always maintaining an attentive eye on the design world, today we have become an interdisciplinary web agency specialized in the creations, design, and development of platforms, e-commerce, websites, digital strategy, and digital advertising. For a number of years we have also offered advanced hosting services and security architectures.

YOUTOOL has established and transformed into a network of accredited professionals who are particularly interested in the evolution of communications and society, always ready to create, construct, invent, and interpret.





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