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AffittoGiardino's mission is to create circular opportunities where anyone can organise unique events with the comfort of their own house.

We target two types of people: the former find it hard to find exclusive locations that can offer privacy and organisational freedom; the latter are individuals who look for ways to earn a little extra cash and own private places outdoors or indoors.

The service wants to simplify the processes to organise events and share spaces for both target audiences.

Thanks to this service hosts gain visibility on a national level and the possibility to insert a post based on organised steps, defined based on the approval rating and clarity which guests who navigate the website need. Furthermore a simplified bureaucracy offer an online contract that define rental and delegates responsibility to the guests.

The guests also benefit from using the service as, on top of having access to locations that can't be find anywhere else, they have are sure about reservation, date, payments, organisational freedom, complete privacy and paperwork linked to the party which is classified as private and in compliance with regulations.

On top of all this, there are various additional and customised services depending on needs, for example catering, home-chef, entertainment, shuttle service and many more. This grants great visibility also for local businesses that can be involved with the events.


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