Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Bonobo is an innovative young startup specialized in the technological design and development of IoT, web, and mobile applications.

What we do

Innovative development of in-house products, like  PADELCAMERA, our intelligent video camera that enables players to record their padel ball matches, and sports facilities managers to monitor their playing areas. . Recorded videos are analysed by artificial intelligence in order to help users both improve their game and have more fun.

 We digitalize company processes with the creation of products designed to be more effective and closer to customers’ real needs. Automation simplifies the flow of data to provide the fastest and most easily usable results possible.

We develop and support our products technically and commercially as SaaS formulas or otherwise, for services that, like PADELBOOM, enable companies to exploit the rapid spread of padel as an opportunity for raising brand profile, and for sports centres to monetize the free spaces inside padel playing courts.

Our team brings together direct experience in digital business from a variety of academic backgrounds and professional experience with companies in the sector, enabling us to give concrete form to interesting ideas and projects.


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