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Smart Specialisation Strategy

Hydrosynergy was established in June 2010 by biologists from the BiGeA Department of the University of Bologna.

This company provides applied ecology and biological monitoring services with particular focus on minor fauna and aquatic environments (macroinvertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, etc.). HS offers technologically and methodologically innovative solutions for the management, conservation and enhancement of our faunal and aquatic environment heritage.
Products and services offered
Our activity is centred on the monitoring of fauna and the improvement of environmental management.
The service is divided into four stages:

  •  study and design stage
  • operational stage
  • data analysis stage
  • drafting of the final report

The output consists of a report containing the most significant information related to the fauna investigated (morphological, molecular and demographic analysis, application of natural and biological indices, analysis of trophic relationships, etc.), as well as concrete proposals for specific solutions according to our customers’ needs and requests.
The HS solution offers key elements for establishing management and conservation measures for SCIs, SPAs and protected areas in general; to set guidelines for fishing; to conduct environmental impact studies and to carry out the environmental strategic impact assessment.
For further information, visit the website www.hydrosynergy.it
Other information
HS has always been linked to the Department of Biology of the University of Bologna, and in 2014 was accredited as a Spin-Off of the University of Bologna. Its relevant market consists of research centres, public administrations and private sector bodies.
There are fruitful contacts and contractual relationships with territorial institutions, agencies for the protection of natural resources, environmental and management engineering companies, environmental protection associations, private lakes, etc.




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