Mama Science

Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

MAMA SCIENCE srls is an innovative startup in advanced materials research, nanotechnologies, and biomaterials obtained through proprietary processes inspired by natural phenomena, for sustainable development that protects the natural environment.

Mama Science have fine tuned two proprietary technologies leading to the development of two different categories of innovative materials.

The first category comprises a range of bio-based materials obtained from agricultural, food industry, and natural waste products, suitable for use as packaging. These are completely biodegradable and offer unique characteristics that derive from the processing, with final properties that can enhance the shelf-life of products.

The other category is a range of materials that can be used within various base materials like coatings, varnishes, cements, detergents, ceramics, plastics, wood, paper, fabrics, metals, and products for surface textures that ensure active contrast to microorganisms and odours, with the innovative characteristic of not containing biocides. They are instead biomaterials comprising only elements normally present in natural systems and contained in extremely low quantities. They express their special properties thanks to a synergic effect deriving from the technology on which they are based.

Thanks to company know-how in materials chemistry and an in-house research laboratory specially equipped for the development and scaling up of synthesis and processing, Mama Science can autonomously design and perfect solutions, materials, and applications in a range of areas. They also provide support for other companies in the development of new products and implementation of new processes for product innovation, reducing environmental impact, and improving sustainability.

Mama Science was awarded support for the process of incubation and acceleration in the ART-ER Greenhouses for year 2022.


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