My Ejob (RA)

My Ejob for individuals.
An innovative web platform that offers travellers and/or companies dedicated and protected spaces for the insertion of their travel itineraries for real-time verification of whether the border entry requirements are satisfied on the basis of the current health status of each country being visited, along with any other standing health obligations.

Structural Analitycs (BO)

Structural Analytics develop technologies based on more than twenty years’ academic and professional research, applying a genetic matrix software dedicated to civil engineering for the development of added value services for asset safety managers.

This solution is state-of-art in the world scientific scenario. It is proprietary and patentable for the “unmanned” processing of data and information for monitoring and surveying structures and infrastructures, including the use of AI algorithms and procedures.

Mama Science (BO)

MAMA SCIENCE srls is an innovative startup in advanced materials research, nanotechnologies, and biomaterials obtained through proprietary processes inspired by natural phenomena, for sustainable development that protects the natural environment.

Mama Science have fine tuned two proprietary technologies leading to the development of two different categories of innovative materials.

Guardian srl (RN)

Guardian is an innovative start-up that designs, develops, industrializes, and produces advanced IoT digital platforms specialized in environmental monitoring. These are used for the protection, safety, and safeguarding of people and infrastructures, with detection and early warning systems for earthquakes, environmental and natural disasters, and domestic accidents.

White Wall (BO)

BeeComs is a product that exploits the most favourable combination of digital and proximity technologies, enabling manufacturing companies to make concrete long-term savings by reducing production waste. Our digital system offers complete solutions to the 3 major needs of manufacturing companies: analysis, production, and safety, all in a single customized package that is flexible, extremely effective, and easy to use.