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WannaCar innovates the traditional forms of intermediation for the purchase or sale of motor vehicles between resellers and private individuals, for the first time in Italy applying the economy on demand concept to the world of motor vehicles, thus creating a valid alternative to used car advertisements.

Our web app (www.wannacar.it) enables anyone who wants to buy (new or used), or sell a vehicle to interface with resellers in a single request directly within a user-selected geographical area. They can simultaneously assess up to ten proposals for a specific vehicle, including (in the case of purchase) customized financial proposals, like loans, leasing, and/or long-term hire.

For the first time resellers can view market demands within their range of action, with the opportunity of indirectly advertising their entire offer just in time, responding directly to requests. Knowing the demand offers the advantage of offering customers a customized proposal and giving them the perception of improved customer care.

Resellers do not have to load any vehicles into the system in advance, so all the time passed on the platform is dedicated to potential customers, just as if they were in their dealership.

Our initiative has been recognized as an innovative start-up and we have an ongoing relationship with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

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