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Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Work Wide Women was conceived in Bologna in May 2013. It is the first social network dedicated to the professional training of women by means of e-learning and webinars. Hailing from Bologna and Modena, our team consists of: Linda Serra, founder, CEO and project manager; Alberto Barbieri, finance and strategic investments; Cecilia Pedroni, strategic communications and external relations; Giusy Aloe, marketing, sales strategy and pricing; Alessandra De Laville, head of legal; Mara Cinquepalmi, community manager and press office.

Linda Serra graduated in Law, then specialised in R&D, technology transfer and technological innovation. Subsequently, she specialised in digital communication, social media marketing and new media communication. In 2013, she participated in the US Department of State program IVLP Women in Technology.

Alberto Barbieri has a degree in Engineering and specialised in strategy and sales, strategic negotiation, program leadership development and strategy at the Harvard Business School. He then gained an MBA at SDA Bocconi.

Cecilia Pedroni graduated in Science Education, specialising in business training and mass communication.

Giusy Aloe graduated in Communication Sciences, later earning an MBA at the Institute for Management and Business Management in Ercolano.

Alessandra de La Ville de Sur Illon graduated in Law and gained a Masters in Economics and Financial Markets Law at the Sapienza University of Rome and at the multinational Ernst & Young.

Mara Cinquepalmi graduated in Literature, is a professional journalist and has specialised in data journalism and gender communication.



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