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Industry 4.0 refers to the production of highly innovative products based on new technologies.

NextIs4Us s.r.l. is an innovative startup established in December 2016 in Bologna to develop, produce and market semiautomatic machines for the catering industry.

The launch product, MIXARTISTA, is a liquid dispenser aimed at businesses licensed to sell alcohol. It is currently in the final phase of development and awaiting CE registration. 

A robot that designs cocktails, MIXARTISTA is a unique product, capable of revolutionising the world of the barman.

The perfect combination of engineering and wholly Italian design has made it possible to create a completely innovative and wholly unique premium product that can handle up to 12 bottles of basic ingredients at a time and mix perfect cocktails in just 40 seconds

MIXARTISTA also memorises average daily consumption, leading to optimisation of warehouse management and a drastic reduction of waste.

MIXARTISTA was also conceived as a stylish design object with fascinating mechanical workings and strong aesthetic appeal, making it highly desirable for demanding customers such as owners of exclusive bars, hotels and restaurants, who want to stand out from the competition.

The Team: 

  • Leonardo Stamati (Co-Founder), graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna, with a specialism in Robotics.
  • Dante Daniel Cruz Velasquez (Co-Founder), graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Cattolica San Pablo University and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna.

Currently NextIs4Us s.r.l. is enjoying the benefits of the Aster Acceleration Path.





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