Outflix S.r.l. (BO)

Outflix is the first crowdfashion platform that combines style and sustainability, matching two completely different target populations: those who have too much, share with those who have too little.

This creates a virtuous community, perfect for renting clothes and creating new combinations.

We have developed an algorithm based on a few body measurements that helps define limited groups of women who share the same body shape.

Officine ON/OFF

Officine ON/OFF is an innovative project from the Youth Policy Department of the Municipality of Parma. It is promoted and managed by the social cooperative Gruppo Scuola in collaboration with the ON/OFF Social Promotion Association.

Let's Donation (BO)

Let's Donation is the first crowdfunding portal where you can support a charity project with a simple and free click.

It is an innovative social network based upon solidarity: a portal where the worlds of Profit and Non-Profit can meet and work together to carry out charitable acts. The platform was created as a meeting and interchange point, where users can also create content, ideas, opinions and initiatives.

The goal is to support and fund charitable projects in any organisation, institution and social, charitable or public association.