Archon Dronistics (MO)

Archon Dronistics is an innovative startup founded in Modena that presents itself as a company that can automate repetitive tasks, sometimes dangerous for humas, such as for examples video surveillance, ispections and monitoring critical infrastructures.

Archon works with AI systems to control safety in industrial environments, monitoring movements and risk for people and machinery, creating a trustworthy digital twin in real time. The objective is to create a robotic environment and eliminate risks for humans.

AeroDron (PR)

AeroDron is one of the first Italian startups dedicated to services that use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Since it was founded in 2013, AeroDron has researched and developed solutions in the civil sector, aimed at meeting the requirements of various industries and of public administration, making use of the immense value of the aerial images, using state of the art flight technologies, sensing, vision and post-processing.