Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs
Exchange program for new entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other participating Countries.

The exchange of know-how takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, during which they help the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small business. The host benefits from a fresh perspective on their business and gets the opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners or learn about new markets.


Who is this for?

  • New entrepreneurs (NE), who firmly plan to set up their own business or have already started one within the last three years.

  • Experienced entrepreneurs (HE) who own or manage a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise in one of the participating Countries.


How does it work?

The main contact throughout the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme will be the local contact point (Intermediary Organisations). These entities, who are highly experienced in business support (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, start-up centres, incubators etc.), are selected by the European Commission and will guide NE and HE throughout the exchange. They will help them with the application, support them in establishing a successful relationship with a suitable entrepreneur, as well as providing all the answers to their questions.

The local contact point will assess the application process. Once accepted, the candidate will be able to search for an entrepreneur.

ART-ER is a local contact point in the EYE program as a partner of  the European Parternship Open Eye since the very first call for proposals in 2009 and has now signed a Framework Partnership Agreement until 31/01/2022.

If you choose to participate in the programme access the section Apply Now.

To view the questionnaire before registering, please click here.



New Entrepreneur profile:

  • Be firmly planning to start a business, based on a viable business plan;

  • Has started his/her own business within the last 3 years.

NE’s (future) company or activity can be in any sector and there is no age limit.

However, the NE must also:

  • Be a permanent resident in one of the participating Countries;

  • Have a concrete project or business idea, reflected in a business plan;

  • Be motivated and committed to collaborate during the stay with an experienced entrepreneur from another participating Country; be prepared to contribute to the development of the host entrepreneur's business and make his/her skills and competences available;

  • Be ready to complement the programme funds as needed to cover the costs of your stay abroad.


Host Entrepreneur profile:

  • Be a permanent resident in one of the participating Countries;

  • Be the owner-manager of a small or medium enterprise OR a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at SME board level;

  • Has been running a company for more than 3 years;

  • Is willing to share his/her knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur and act as a mentor.


Benefits for new entrepreneurs:

Active participation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme offers aspiring entrepreneurs access to a wide range of benefits to help successfully run or start a new business:

Up to six months stay with an experienced entrepreneur in another Participating Country to gain first-hand knowledge about business start-up in a wide range of areas such as: marketing/sales, financial accounting, customer relations, business finance etc. You will also have the opportunity to improve your business plan;

  • Building self-confidence and skills: sector-specific knowledge or know-how, technical and management skills;

  • Opportunities for collaboration with other entrepreneurs and the development of cross-border business co-operation;

  • Networking and building of strong relationships, which can be useful for mutual consulting, business referrals, and for finding business partners abroad;


  • Insights into different cultural and organizational settings and how companies function in another Participating Country;

  • Insights into the business environment of another Participating Country;

  • Improved language skills;


Benefits for Host Entrepreneurs:

  • Work with an energetic and motivated new entrepreneur who can contribute to HE’s business with innovative views, new skills and knowledge;

  • Benefit from a "fresh eye" on their business, and specialized knowledge that the new entrepreneur may have and that HE do not master;

  • Act as a coach or mentor;

  • Learn about foreign markets, expand business opportunities and engage in cross-border activities;

  • Interact with entrepreneurs from other Participating Countries and get opportunities to collaborate with them;

  • Network and build strong relationships, which can be useful for mutual consulting, business referrals, and for finding business partners abroad;

  • Improve language skills;

The large majority of most entrepreneurs enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards!


Grant for NEs for their stay abroad

The financial support to new entrepreneurs only contributes to travel and subsistence costs during the visit. The grant is paid by the local contact point chosen by the new entrepreneur (registered in the online application). The new entrepreneur and his/her local contact point sign an agreement which determines the funding granted during his/her stay, and how it will be paid in practice (e.g. partial payment at the beginning of the stay, monthly payment, etc). The financial support is calculated monthly and reflects the overall living costs of the country of stay.


Download the table of monthly financial assistance paid per country of stay.


Step-by-step short guide

Main steps to follow to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

1. Prepare your application documents: curriculum vitae, motivation and, in addition for the new entrepreneurs, a business plan;

2. Register via the online form and submit your CV and business plan (for new entrepreneurs only);

3. Build a relationship with a new or host entrepreneur abroad (two options):

  1. You suggest to your local contact point a new or host entrepreneur with whom you are already in contact, or

  2. You look for a new or host entrepreneur in the online catalogue with the help of your local contact point.

4. Reach an agreement with your new or host entrepreneur about the work and learning project (i.e. about the dates, objectives and activity plan of the exchange) and submit the details to your local contact point;

5. Signature of Commitment to Quality: A Commitment to Quality (link) should be (digitally) signed by all partners involved in the relationship. As a new entrepreneur, you should equally conclude a funding agreement with your local contact point;

6. Start of the stay abroad: The duration of the exchange may be from 1 to 6 months with the possibility of dividing the stay into weekly slots (providing the time span does not exceed a total of 12 months);

7. The financial assistance to the new entrepreneur will be provided in several payments, according to the agreement signed with his/her local contact point.



Enkelejda Halilaj

Project Manager

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