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AeroDron is one of the first Italian startups dedicated to services that use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Since it was founded in 2013, AeroDron has researched and developed solutions in the civil sector, aimed at meeting the requirements of various industries and of public administration, making use of the immense value of the aerial images, using state of the art flight technologies, sensing, vision and post-processing.

To underline our commitment to continuous innovation in the development of RPAS technologies and applications, AeroDron was selected by representatives of Italy's most prestigious financial and scientific publications as one of the most interesting initiatives of 2013.

In the same year, Aerodron was chosen by b-ventures, a Buongiorno and NTT DOCOMO incubator, as one of the startups to be entered onto an acceleration program specific to hi-tech startups. With the support of b-ventures, AeroDron was able to attract a variety of prestigious investors and partners, guaranteeing the necessary resources and mentoring to support its vision and strategic plan.

Our mission is to become leaders in delivering solutions and providing quality services based on the use of RPAS for the management and exploitation of land and the environment.

Specialising in remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and cartographic production, we use state of the art detection technologies with RPAS to find solutions for the management of hydrological risk, precision agriculture, virtual reconstructions and topography. More generally, we can be found wherever RPAS technology can generate value, improve efficiency and mitigate risks taken by our customers and within the community.

Our commitment to this goal has allowed us to work closely with the public administration by using our equipment in emergency situations across a good part of Emilia Romagna, thus strengthening relationships with administrative bodies in other regions.

In 2014, we began a series of agricultural experiments with some of the most important Italian companies in the sector, as well as with the Catholic University of Piacenza and the Emiliano Romagnolo Canal, in collaboration with Italian farms Stuard and Tadini. During 2015, we will continue with agricultural research projects, focusing more closely on the acquisition of data. Making good use of the wealth of our experience and acquired methodologies, we will dedicate ourselves to the world of viticulture, viniculture and olive-growing.

In the early months of 2015, we will collaborate with the WWF on research projects related to the preservation of natural habitats.

In 2014, with Aeroclub Bolla in Parma, AeroDron established drone piloting courses in accordance with the new civil aviation regulations, now offering specific courses for training linked to output management and skills practice.

AeroDron is recognised by the Italian civil aviation authority as a self-certified business.

In recent months, it has partnered with some of the most interesting and acclaimed software companies in the world, such as PX4D, one of the few Italian companies in the process of drone certification for the Skyrobotic.

AeroDron headquarters is located in a rural setting at 69, Strada Vallazza in Parma and - thanks to a partnership with the Regional River Park Taro - it also has the use of rooms for events at 11, Strada Giarola in Collecchio, Parma. 



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