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BLOCKvision provides traceability, security, and reliable data sharing based on a blockchain.

It is obvious today that data constitute the real value of a company, providing value to products by certifying their origin, establishing trust among customers, and speeding up interactions with partner companies.

This led to the idea of BLOCKvision, the introduction of a blockchain and the IoT into the production chain in order to make the collection and saving of data homogeneous, making use of private distributed databases organized into consortiums, each of which accessible at different levels to the various enabled users.

The underlying characteristics of a blockchain, like reliability, transparency, and immutability of data, are exploited to decentralize data collection systems, uniting the actors in the production chain so that a product path can be monitored through all stages.

In this way all parts of the chain contribute to the collected data using the IoT to provide a digital image of the product, which can be used during the fundamental stages of the product life cycle.

The project started in July in the form of research at the University of Bologna and was validated in December 2019 with the realization of a system prototype and the publication of an article in collaboration with the ClimateKic body. Currently it is being carried forward by two students inside the CesenaLab start-up incubator. It has also been acknowledged by the University of Bologna through inclusion among the 30 finalists out of over 600 projects for StartUp Day 2020.



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