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Heimdall is an innovative startup that tackles the problem of connectivity in unmanned systems.

In the imminent future many industries will be applying remote sensing for activities like drone delivery, BVLOS, SAR, and ISR operations. They will face serious challenges in the rapid growth of these sectors, that need to, "cover a wider range of action while remaining connected".

Our mission is to enable long range missions using satellite technology and state-of-art artificial intelligence systems.

Heimdall’s focus is on compact and resilient hardware-software systems like the ‘’Micro SAT’’ and ‘’Sender Unit + AI unit’’ combinations.

These systems can be easily integrated with any unmanned platform, ensuring an increased range of action, the possibility to conduct mapping operations over large areas, and the option of exchanging information even in areas without 4G/5G cover.

The peculiarity of these systems lies in the combination of satellite technology with our proprietary AI algorithms that optimize data exchange and enable transmission of narrow band images, making these systems light and compact, ideal for small scale unmanned platforms.

In the future, the Heimdall ecosystem also intends to offer solutions integrating UAV platforms with our cutting edge devices in the agritech, paracivil, and military spheres for surveillance and mapping operations.

These possibilities already exist within our development world, demonstrating the validity of our technologies.

Heimdall was founded in December 2021 by Nicolai Valenti, Lorenzo Benini, and Matteo Tardozzi, all young and with diverse industrial experiences in the respective fields of avionics, automation, and computing.

The combination of these specialized technical backgrounds in electronics, avionics, mechanics, automation, and software led to the development of innovative technologies that revolutionize the unmanned drone world.

Matteo subsequently left the partnership while remaining a technical advisor for Heimdall.

In 2022 Heimdall was among the 10 startups participating in the Leonardo BIF (Business Innovation Factory) in collaboration with the LVenture Group.




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