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Clickode believes in a future wherein the survival and prosperity of people, entities and businesses will eventually be based on the level of knowledge they can obtain from the Internet of Things, on predictive analysis of big data and on machine learning. In whatever sector, from personal health to large multinational businesses.

Our mission is to enhance any business by creating easy IoT solutions with simple and secure infrastructures equipped with predictive analysis dashboards, from microcontainers to large grid systems.

Target: manufacturing companies, vehicle fleet managers (even small ones), GDO operators, utilities, public utilities, customer-centric companies.

smartCAR makes your car a connected vehicle and saves you money.

smartCAR is a vehicle management app that allows users to connect their car to their digital life. Using the smartCAR smartphone or tablet app and a Bluetooth key, you can virtually transform any vehicle produced in the past 20 years into a connected car.

With smartCAR, you can:

  • Understand how your car behaves and anticipate failures
  • Improve your driving style with real-time feedback
  • Easily find your parked car
  • Save money by lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Enrich photos and videos of driving sessions with your car data
  • Share your goals on social media

smartCAR is aimed at all car owners who want to save on running costs and respect the environment by improving their digital life.




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