CShark s.r.l. (PC)

CShark S.r.l. was founded in 2018 by Alessandro Fanni in order to create IT solutions at all levels.

CShark consists in a team of experts in the field of Information Technology, always available to customers to offer a wide range of services and products in order to handle different issues. We are able to create IT solutions thanks to our internal resources and national and international partnerships.

Antreem (BO)

Antreem is based in Imola and specialises in the development of mobile computing services. It is a young and dynamic company formed by Fabio Poli, Stefano Maggiore and Imola Informatica, a web and new technologies business that has created projects and offered consultation since 2012. Technological innovation is Antreem's mission, and from the combined skills of Stefano, Fabio and Imola Informatica, it has grown into an innovative and technologically savvy partner for its customers.


LugoNextLab is a development agency and an economic innovation centre, as well as an enterprise incubator. It provides consulting, training, innovation services, networking and assistance in searching for partners.