Settore di applicazione: Scienze della vita
Data di costituzione: 22/11/2019
Stadio di sviluppo: start up
Tipologia: start up innovativa
Contatti: Riccardo Della Ragione,
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Capitale sociale: 10.000 €
Composizione: 39.6% Riccardo Della Ragione, 23.7% Alice Michelangeli, 17.8% Valentina Menozzi, 10.8% Daniele Ferrari, 3.25% Nathura SP, 2% Andrea Anderlini, 2.6% Altri.

Proposta di valore e obiettivi di sviluppo

Prometheus is an innovative Italian start-up that develops markets solutions for regenerative medicine exploiting cutting-edge technologies

The first product is Ematik, a system that creates a patch for wounds care starting from patient’s own blood. Ematik is able to reduce the healing time of bedsores and diabetic ulcers by the 50% with a great functional and aesthetic results. Safety and efficacy of Ematik have been already tested through the first application of the veterinary version of the product on animal wounds. Ematik vet is ready for the market. 
Ematik is a disruptive completely automated system for wounds care entirely created and developed by Prometheus. The Ematik system creates a patch for wounds care using patient’s own blood and mixing it with a special biopolymeric mixture. The system is composed by an automated machine that extracts active molecules from the blood, and a disposable kit containing a biopolymeric formulation. The final patch acts like a second skin, maintaining the perfect environment and improving the regeneration process. Thanks to the active molecules extracted from the blood, it boosts the regenerative pathway and reduce the healing time by the 50%. The patch avoids scars formation in every application, it is intrinsically antimicrobic drastically reducing the use of antibiotics and the risk of infections. It is easy to prepare (in only 50 minutes) and to apply. The efficacy of the product has been already proved thanks to a first application of the veterinary version of the product: Ematik vet. With Ematik Vet, in fact, we have already successfully healed more than 20 clinical cases, always with great results and with the reappearance of the original animal fur, demonstration of a high-quality regeneration, both under a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Those results will be translated on human. Ematik will be applied on human for the treatment of bedsores and diabetic ulcers, solving the huge problem of non-healing wounds, responsible of an amputation every 30 seconds. Ematik will reduce patient’s pain promoting wounds care, shortening healing times and drastically reducing costs for the healthcare system.

Today, Prometheus is planning and actively moving to organize the second round of investment for the financing of the Ematik human project.


  • Riccardo Della Ragione: Management and business strategy responsible. Product developer and project manager (budget and manpower). Technological and Engineering supervisor of products development.
  • Alice Michelangeli: New business and strategies design. Business model evaluation and definition. Analysis of new market trends and related operational decisions. Customer network and commercialization responsible.
  • Valentina Menozzi: Responsible of R&D projects design and research team representative. Technical quality assurance of activities and deliverables. Partnership establishment and research of new collaborations.
  • Andrea Anderlini: Budget planning, revenues forecast, cash flow management. Planning of long-term financial and funding strategies. Analysis of the company's financial strengths/weaknesses. Planning of corrective actions.
  • Martino Ricotti: Commercial strategy identification and implementation. Customer network. Establishment of a selling network and related communication strategies and activities.
  • Antonio Della Ragione: Brand and marketing strategies definition. Advertising and public relationships management. Market surveys, distribution channels, customer assistance and competitive asset analysis.

Advisory Board

  • Andrea Chiesi: R&D Portfolio Manager Chiesi Famaceutici Spa. Vice President Holostem, Advanced Therapies. Business Strategy and R&D Projects design and budget. Identification of key steps in clinical studies design and definition of budget. Network with partners and/or customers in the scientific and healthcare field
  • Francesco Leone: Ex Strategic manager of Pirelli and Montedison. Business Angel and member of tech tour Bruxelles. Administration and business strategy definition. Economic and Financial management support. Go-to-market strategy and funds recruitment.
  • Stefano Grolli: Professor at the University of Parma (IT) 10 years of experience on regenerative medicine. Technical and scientific support for the optimization and validation of established products. Scientific mentorship for the development and study of new products.


The global human market for wounds care products in 2019 is worth ⋍ € 20 Bln and it is growing at a CAGR of 4%, expecting to reach € 25 Bln in 2025. Besides, the European segment is worth € 4.6 Bln in 2018 and it is expected to grow with a 6% CAGR (€ 6 Bln in 2022).
The increase of this market is mainly driven by new advanced and active products (e.g. Ematik). In particular the specific Global market for advanced product is worth almost € 10 Bln (53% of the whole market) and it will reach € 14 Bln in 2025 covering almost the 60% of the whole market. The European one has a value of € 2,4 Bln. In particular the segment of Active Molecules (Growth Factors as those contained in the Ematik patch) is driving the increase of Advanced Therapies market, at a tremendous CAGR of the 43% This mean that, every clinic or hospital centre, is already waiting to convert their standard treatments to active and effective products like Ematik. The main market value for advanced therapy is owned by North America, followed by Europe. In particular, European countries with the highest investments on wounds care are included in the EU5: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom. For those reasons and also for the geographical distribution, our commercial strategy will be initially mainly focused on Italy, Germany and France. Considering the market and the estimation of sales that we made during the feasibility study, we consider to acquire the 0,75% of the European market share for advanced wound care products, corresponding to almost € 18 Mln of revenues in 2025 (3rd year of commercialization). 

For the human application on bed sores and ulcers, the market can be divided in 3 segments of target customers: 

  • Public hospitals
  • Private hospitals and clinics
  • Structures for long-stay patients, subjected to develop bed sores because forced to stay on the bed for long period of time.

In Europe there are almost 22.000 Hospitals and, in particular, almost the 78% is public (17k) and the remaining 22% (5k) is private.We have already met some of those private institutes and they referred to us that they have an average of 60 patients per day of which the 60% is defined as enough serious to justify the use of a highly innovative product as Ematik. In particular, they considered to organize dedicated days for the Ematik application, organizing 2 weekly appointments with 5 patients each (10 patients/week)

Proprietà intellettuale

The company has filed 3 patents. The first on the product formulation, the second on the machine used to prepare the product, the third on the manual kit (Ematik Ready). We planned to extend the second patent in May 2020 and the third in December 2020.

Capitali ricercati e utilizzo

2,5 Milioni €: 23% Certifications, 21% Personnel, 19% Industrialization, 14% Veterinary scale-up , 8% legal, 5% Marketing , 10% R&D

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