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Develop-Players is an innovative startup with a social commitment and a spinoff enterprise with the participation of the University of Bologna. They develop serious games designed for enhanced learning by students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs).

SLDs are neurobiological in origin that generally emerge at school and have an enduring impact over the lives of individuals.

The interventions currently available for SLDs are administered by specialists using standardized instruments that do not offer much possibility for customization, and are poorly integrated with schools, which is the main context in which these problems are experienced day to day.

Develop-Players wants to upgrade this approach by providing a single platform where students, teachers, and families can access adaptive serious games that implement machine learning algorithms to automatically identify individual traits and generate customized treatments.

The Develop-Players team already have all the necessary professional skills for the development of serious games for application in the spheres of education and health.

As a spinoff from the University of Bologna, Develop-Players has the resources for assessing the scientific validity of the resulting measures.

Develop-Players was born out of an interaction between the clinical and research expertise of psychologists with in-depth knowledge of the needs of children with learning difficulties, and the innovation and creativity of serious games development programmers.

We are addressing the digital learning market, which is entering a phase of rapid growth in Italy.

Since our establishment in August 2021, more than 50 schools have collaborated with us and 2000 pupils have enjoyed playing Proffilo, our first game.

Participation in StartCup2020 led to support from ART-ER and assistance from Almacube and RomagnatTech. In November 2022 we were awarded Foundamentals#2 funding within the SocialFare Acceleration programme, who have invested in us for the development of our products and services.


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