Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

The business concept is to offer a suite of software products specialized in the processing of natural language and that help companies automate and improve management of their text based data.

E-Plato offers two different but complimentary products.

  1. Aristotle enables classification of natural text data to improve organizational efficiency and automate assignment to different responsible departments. It is already available on the market and is currently undergoing scaling.
  2. Socrates is a search engine that enables users to find information and documents within the company knowledge base. The user experience is that of a "Google-Like" search engine. While Google finds information on the public network, E-Plato Learning finds data from within company documentation. This product is in beta stage with POC studies underway with target customers.

Textual data is typically unstructured, and so the implementation of innovative machine learning technologies allows the suite to solve problems that otherwise could not be solved with existing software.

The main entry hurdles are that customers need to have a document management system and an IT team to implement activation.

The E-Plato products are in the form of add-ons to the management systems of customers, and the implemented technology means that they do not require manual indexing.

E-Plato operates on the international artificial intelligence market, specialized in Intelligent Data Processing (IDP), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Customer Experience (CX).

E-Plato conducted a pre-seed investment equity round in 2022, collecting € 200,000.

The startup was also selected for participation in the Mindset Silicon Valley program 2022, and in the Business Forum Italia Canada 2022 on artificial intelligence.




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