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Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Fama Labs is a health tech startup specialized in the development of hi-tech B2B products for companies, scientific enterprises, health professionals and their patients.

Our products comprise distributed and interlinked cloud platforms, web/mobile applications, and voice assistants, based on proprietary artificial intelligence software and machine learning.

Their purpose is to digitalize, automate, and optimize company and professional processes, provide real-time health data analysis and monitoring instruments, and deliver customized services for medical patients and other final users.

The major areas of interest include clinical research, patient treatment processes, and medical training, areas in which the company have already worked alongside thousands of Italian health professionals.

Our leading product is Ysi (Your Speech Interface), the first voice assistant that simplifies the collection of data for clinical research. With its empathic dialogue and gamification system it increases patient participation and automates the management and monitoring processes.

In 2021 we won Sisal's national “GoBeyond” call for ideas.

We are actively involved in research and development of the most advanced technologies for application in our products, thanks also to partnerships with ART.ER, with the Italian Society of Internal Medicine, and with various Italian universities.

In 2023 we will initiate a process of full internationalization with the aim of digitalizing the health system using the best technological instruments to make it accessible to everyone over Internet.




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