FLIM LABS is an Italian startup active in the fields of the fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging (FLIM).

The company, founded in 2019, is focused on the development of portable plug-n-play instrumentation and AI-driven software to simplify and encourage the mass-scale adoption of fluorescence lifetime-based techniques.

FLIM is a state-of-art biophotonic technique capable of detecting functional changes inside the cellular microenvironment. It is mainly used in the life sciences and biomedicine for diagnosis of cancer, tissues, and stem cells, as well as for assessing the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

FLIM has also demonstrated promising and significant results in food processing technology (AgriFood), in materials science, and very recently also in the environmental science sector where it can be used for detecting microplastics.

FLIM LABS wants to change the paradigm of current fluorescence lifetime-based instrumentations. The intention is to provide the industry with a technology that is affordable, user-friendly and customizable unlocking applications in yet unexplored industrial compartments.

FLIM LABS mission is rooted in the goal to democratize the use of fluorescence lifetime in both scientific and industrial environments, by creating cutting-edge, AI-driven instruments, with a focus on simplicity and modularity. The aim is to create part of a new, emerging scientific force that has as its leading concept the widespread use of fluorescence lifetime analysis. By developing both stand-alone technologies and devices that can be combined with pre-existing setups FLIM LABS products will provide a larger number of industries and researchers access to a technology that is reliable and simple to implement.



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