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Founded in January 2014, Humarker s.r.l. is an innovative start-up based in Parma. Humarker works to promote Italian culture and heritage through real and virtual structures, and through business models that embrace innovation and experimentation with new technologies. The idea is to enter the market of augmented reality (AR) by developing application frameworks with which to develop and market apps for the Cultural Heritage sector. 

The team includes Professor Bertolini of the University of Parma and various entrepreneurs with over ten years' experience in the fields of ICT, Internet and Graphics. 

The idea is to bring to market a range of applications in the field of Cultural Heritage, through the design and development of a tool (the framework) that will allow anyone to create their own augmented reality application for their own particular cultural and area-specific vision. 

Users of the system include all of the museums and art venues in the country, both large and small. The company's target market is potentially vast, with the framework and cultural heritage applications granting artistic, cultural, environmental and enogastronimic access (i.e. museums, churches, art galleries, parks, companies connected to food and wine tourism, etc.) 

The Italian market is still very delicate, given the crisis that continues to exert pressure on companies and government; the intention therefore is to work in Italy for the first year before then moving on to markets within the EU, through participation in events and trade shows and with a strong strategy and marketing plan (using web-marketing activities such as SEO, SEM, SMA and SMM). Two important technological agreements with the University of Parma and the National Research Council in Rome have also been put in place. 

The Humarker group also qualifies for public financing business support, from regions, ministries and the European Community, as well as support through private channels, from crowdfunding and direct sponsorship. One further advantage of Humarker is the multi-channel promotional activity on major social networks that facilitates a significant increase in visibility among potential visitors.



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