Titanium Ideas (MO)

Seerene is an innovative project by Titanium Ideas and the first app dedicated to health mobility. A system of three 3 apps and innovative algorithms establishes a perfect interface between users who need social/healthcare transport, and organizations that offer these services.

An innovative, first of its kind digital ecosystem usable via mobile apps that enables quick intuitive booking of social/healthcare transport through an entirely online channel.

Quiroom (BO)

Quiroom is an online booking portal (OTA) operating in the tourist sector, that enables hotels to sell "last minute" their rooms that remain empty every night in thousands of hotels around the world.

On Quiroom travellers have the possibility of booking empty rooms just before checking-in with discounts of up to 40% compared to standard prices.

Quiroom's mission is to create shared value for both parties, guests and accommodation facilities alike.

Outflix S.r.l. (BO)

Outflix is the first crowdfashion platform that combines style and sustainability, matching two completely different target populations: those who have too much, share with those who have too little.

This creates a virtuous community, perfect for renting clothes and creating new combinations.

We have developed an algorithm based on a few body measurements that helps define limited groups of women who share the same body shape.

iGrest (PC)

The idea of iGrest emerges from the challenge of providing innovation in a historically non-technological sector such as that of parishes.

As usual, the "problem" to solve was right in front of our eyes, but we had never "seen" it. Those who have children know very well that from June to September they have a major problem: schools end, work does not. How about the children? The answer is: Summer Oratory!

LetzFair (RE)

Letzfair is a start-up company founded to provide innovative digital services to international trade shows and exhibitions, in any industry.

Our mission is to become the technology partner of every event organizer that aims to improve both visitors and exhibitors satisfaction before, during and after their event. Exploiting all the innovative, cutting-edge features of our Mobile app and web platform, we create the Digital Dimension of trade shows and exhibitions, enhancing and enriching the physical exhibition space.

14spm (BO)

We are a company that provides consultancy services as well as tailor made software.

We bring companies forward into today’s world and support them throughout the conception and implementation process of forward-thinking digital transformation.

We support companies throughout their digital transformations with the aim of improving, facilitating and automating internal processes, increasing efficiency and reducing both the technical and strategic risks of complex systems.

Yoomee s.r.l. (BO)

Yoomee Srl is an innovative start-up born in 2019 from the network experience of three Emilia Romagna based companies which operate within the scope of ICT since more than twenty years.

Yoomee Srl designs and actualizes customized solutions, which employ the Augmented Reality technology and apply it to various environments (industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, knowledge transfer, education, art and tourism) maintaining, as a central feature, the added value of the Augmented Reality which allows an easier access to contents and a higher involvement.