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Letzfair is a start-up company founded to provide innovative digital services to international trade shows and exhibitions, in any industry.

Our mission is to become the technology partner of every event organizer that aims to improve both visitors and exhibitors satisfaction before, during and after their event. Exploiting all the innovative, cutting-edge features of our Mobile app and web platform, we create the Digital Dimension of trade shows and exhibitions, enhancing and enriching the physical exhibition space.

The mobile app allows visitors to easily explore both physical and digital exhibition space. It helps them quickly identify and locate all the exhibitors that match their specific interests and gives them easy-to-use tools to effectively organize their attendance. Exhibitors have the opportunity to create, personalize, manage and promote their Digital Booth, to boost their visibility and to draw qualified visits to their physical booth.

LetzFair web platform allows organizers to create the digital dimension of their tradeshow and to directly interact with every participant. Linked to LetzFair Mobile app innovative features, the dashboard collects, processes and returns a wide set of useful KPIs and high-value information to deeply analyze your tradeshow’s proceeding and its final performance, providing also several insights for a better planning of future editions.

With a unique and revolutionary approach, our services are designed taking into account needs and expectations of all the actors involved in a trade fair, addressing every issue of Organizers, Exhibitors and Visitors.




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