Inesse Corporation

A new way of sailing. An innovative boat, capable of flying over the water and going anywhere, without limits and in complete safety.

Inesse is an enterprise with the central inspiration of creating an innovative motor boat equipped with a hydrofoil and capable of achieving very high performance (over 50 knots), without compromising comfort and safety.

Superfoils15 (SF15) was designed to be the largest motor boat in the world equipped with a hydrofoil. In addition to composite and high quality materials, extensive use was made of electronic controls with software connected to marine and depth sensors, echo sounders, and GPS systems that enable the craft to "fly" in safety.

The characteristics of Superfoils15:

Comfort: Sailing on board a leisure boat has never been so comfortable. Waves pass under the hull, ensuring the most serene cruising experience ever. Performance: With a top speed of 52 knots, the performance is comparable to that of a racing boat, but on an elegant and comfortable Day Cruiser. Sustainability: The hybrid propulsion and lower water resistance, resulting from immersion of only the hydrofoil, reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50%.

Inesse was born out on an intuition by Marco Sgalaberni, ex Formula 1 engineer, who made a proposal to the Ravenna Nautical Science Park, through the University of Bologna. This was the creation of a drawing board design for a motor boat with hydrofoils, which are currently only used in sailing sports.

The idea emerged out of the intuition of combining three fundamental aims:

  1. Offer an innovative product on the recreational boating market in terms of performance, but without compromising comfort.
  2. Implement hydrofoils, to date only used in competitive sailing craft, on a motor boat.
  3. Apply the advanced electronic controls used in F1 on a boat to manage the hydrofoil system.

After the feasibility of the project had been verified, in 2016 the innovative startup was founded. Inesse has grown ever since on the strength of the capital raised by the CEO. Collaboration with specialized suppliers added the skills of professionals from the nautical engineering, electronic design, and automation sectors to carry the project forward into concrete form. In January 2019, Inesse won a grant from the Le Serre di ART-ER startup incubator, and took part in the acceleration process.

Production was started in 2020. Boat components and materials were entrusted to specialized suppliers in the nautical sphere, while the flight system components were assigned to the more technologically advanced motor vehicle industry.

The first Inesse prototype was launched at the Ravenna Marina in June 2021 and thanks to various tests it was possible to optimize and fine tune the flight system, which is currently in the industrialization phase.


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