DNAPhone (PR)

DNAPhone creates optoelectronic devices for portable diagnostics that are capable of quick, simple analysis, integrating with widely used devices such as tablets or smartphones.


LEBSC is an innovative startup that deals with research and development for the creation of innovative materials, biomaterials and micro- and nano materials in the chemical, biomedical, environmental, dental, cosmetic fields. LEBSC uses innovative techniques of synthesis that allow to obtain new materials with characteristics identical to those that are available in nature.

LEBSC provides chemical, chemical and physical, environmental, asbestos and microbiological analysis.

LEBSC designed two innovative systems:

CellDynamics (MO)

CellDynamics i.s.r.l. develops a line of devices that allow for real-time analysis of cells, resulting in a video of the cells' natural behaviour, as well as their response to external stimuli such as drugs and viruses.

The underlying technology finds specific application in the field of Assisted Reproduction and the development of new drugs aimed at, for example, circulating metastatic cells.

The CellViewer line was created in response to the need to simplify the understanding of biological phenomena.

StudiaBo (BO)

StudiaBo is a spin-off of the entrepreneurial business network Servabit. The StudiaBo management team has significant experience of high-profile projects in the field of economic analysis to support decision making processes.

The mission of StudiaBo is to transform data into knowledge by providing users with analysis tools that use data from public sources (open data), thus limiting costs to analysis and basic data processing only.

BAM! Strategie Culturali (BO)

BAM! Cultural Strategies is a company specialising in innovative design and planning and communication services for private companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions who would like to implement creative projects and solutions.

Composed of professionals specialised in cultural economics and project management, with an international education background and experience in the Bologna Art Managers association, BAM! works in the creative industries, tourism and geomarketing, and in the cultural sector.

BAM! services include: