The aim of the company is the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological content, for the treatment and exploitation of waste sludge and industrial or civil solid-liquid suspensions, agribusiness waste and by-products, with the aim of reducing the quantities consigned for disposal, as well as obtaining new products like biodegradable plastics (PHAs or polyhydroxyalkanoates) and other renewable chemical products.

The main added value of our technology lies in the possibility of reducing the quantity of sludge for final disposal/recovery downstream of a process by up to 65% of the initial production.

An additional output, which makes B-PLAS Sbrl an innovative solution from the perspective of the circular economy, is the production of PHA, a bioplastic that is completely organic, biodegradable, and biocompatible.

B-PLAS target customers are operators in the water and food & beverage sectors, and utility and multi-utility providers operating in the refuse and water purification sludge management sector.

B-PLAS Sbrl is part of the Aqseptence Group Srl with a team that combine complementary skills and experience in the environmental, chemical, and engineering sectors.

B-PLAS is constituted as a benefit company and so its corporate purpose embraces the aim of creating value for all stakeholders by producing a positive impact on society and on the biosphere.

Our start-up embraces the concept of Green Growth, a process of economic growth that is sustainable from both the environmental and social perspectives.




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