Monitor the Planet

The innovative startup Monitor the Planet® based in the Ravenna area was born in 2018 and offers surveying and mapping services with the best technological instruments in the world including total stations, 3D laser scanners, drones, etc.

Monitor the Planet has soon expanded to North Italy
by opening in Asti and Treviso. We grew to 150 customers and became a benchmark for Italy, with over 300 projects for surveying and mapping services with innovative technologies.

The hands-on experience in the field of the Monitor the Planet® team is considered by our customers to be a trusted user experience, which when applied to Advanced Robotics results in process efficiency with automatic precision.

Nowadays, on the site or industrial site there is always a great potential for optimization, planning being one of the weak points of the construction sector, furthermore, where people are working, errors are inevitable.

The Advanced Robotic Geosolvo® proposals, designed by us, use AVG-AMR outdoor/indoor, IoT, and 5G technologies.
And there's more: in addition to hosting and integrating any third-party measurement technologies such as the 3D laser scanner, unlike the competition, the patented MecGeos® robot can interface with powerful instruments, including full interoperability with the robotic total station because it is equipped with Adapto System® technology.

Through optimized human-robot activities, Geosolvo® solutions guarantee a seamless process with impeccable precision equal to 2 hundredths of a millimetre, ensuring the success of the project on time and within budget.

Geosolvo® hi-tech solutions are part of a process of robotic revolution of human work processes for various markets including Construction, Environment, Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Tunneling, etc.



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