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SmartFluidPower simulate components and systems in the world of fluid power, a discipline that deals with the generation, modulation, and transmission of power using pressurized fluids.

They have the specific objective of developing and marketing lean and simple simulation and calculation instruments for use in product design, analysis, and forecasting. The direct benefits of these instruments are optimization of the times and costs of the company processes involved.

The core business of the SmartFluidPower project is a dynamic simulation software with dedicated libraries that enable creation of a digital twin for a system before it is physically constructed.

These digital prototypes allow functional analyses and performance checks, with adjustment of project parameters for optimization.

The main feature of the software is facilitating the modelling of multi-domain systems, making it possible to easily observe interactions between different physical worlds like hydraulics, mechanics, and control systems.

Starting from a functional system layout, SmartFluidPower have created component packages that are easily recognizable and combinable, so that designers are able to autonomously assemble and analyse results for models, in a natural and intuitive way.

The final objective is to create simulation instruments to support all stages of company processes, from initial design to production. The models that virtualize the necessary processes for the realization of a product can be customized and made accessible to all levels of users.



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