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DM Digital s.r.l. is a software house specialising in the development of applications for web and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) and the implementation of Deep Learning technologies. The expertise and experience of DM Digital's team enable them to offer customers not only the development, but also the planning and design of the required IT solutions, following the project from creation to implementation and launch.

Our strength lies in our combination of specialist skills and our extreme focus on customer needs, so as to identify, propose and implement the most appropriate technological solutions for improving efficiency and productivity in daily work.

Our passion for design and usability in our products combines with the extreme professionalism of our developers and enables us to build applications in native code for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone that are guaranteed unique and wholly customisable.

In addition to consulting, we are dedicated to the research and development of our internal products:

  • Inbooki: a free web platform with apps for smartphones and iOS and Android tablets, which allows you to write and enjoy "in-books": immersive, interactive and collaborative e-books. The Inbooki project won the Spinner and Clear2engage grants.
  • Club Director: software for amateur sports associations that simplifies the management of football, volleyball, basketball and all team sports in general. Ready for web 3.0, it integrates the functionality of powerful management software with extreme ease of use. The software was developed in collaboration with multi-sports and amateur sports associations who needed a simple, intuitive and comprehensive tool for organising sports and accounting activities. Club Director is used by numerous companies in Italy.
  • Timeneye: a time-tracking platform that helps SMEs, large companies and freelancers manage their working time. The direct tracking and time tracking services of Timeneye are used by more than 15,000 worldwide users. It is also integrated with several productivity services (Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc.) and calendars (Google Calendar). Timeneye won the StartMiUp and 2015 itCup grants. 
  • Hoops Rivals: a basketball managerial game for mobile devices (iOS and Android). The game was designed to accurately simulate the career of a professional basketball coach. Training, draft, the market, tactics and choosing players for the Cross Cup are just some of the features of the game that currently has more than 100,000 downloads.
  • Tiebreak Tennis: an app for Apple Watch that lets you record your performance during a game of tennis in two simple taps. The app was created in collaboration with professional tennis instructors to ensure maximum accuracy in the creation of the statistics that generate during and after the match, plus style tips.
  • Axyon AI: the Axyon Platform is an Artificial Intelligence service (AI) that develops user-friendly Deep Learning models for data-driven businesses. The platform, usable in the cloud or installable on client infrastructures, is easy to use (no code writing required) and quickly and effectively allows prototyping models. The 5-step process used with each customer (data and domain analysis, benchmark selection, model development, model evaluation, and system integration with live forecasts) ensures the highest level of customisation and precision. Axyon AI won the Tvlp 2016 project and participated in SMAU Bologna and SMAU Berlin 2016.

The DM Digital team is composed of 11 people with different academic backgrounds: computer engineers, economics and marketing graduates, designers and graphic designers. DM Digital is in close contact with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Softech Research Center, and scientific advisors and business development mentors. 



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