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Outflix is the first crowdfashion platform that combines style and sustainability, matching two completely different target populations: those who have too much, share with those who have too little.

This creates a virtuous community, perfect for renting clothes and creating new combinations.

We have developed an algorithm based on a few body measurements that helps define limited groups of women who share the same body shape.

Outflix aims to change the widespread belief that it is necessary to own evening wear.

Instead it offers an alternative business model, guided by the knowledge that the clothing sector is the second largest source of pollution in the world.

The platform promotes the swapping and reuse of high fashion quality garments, items that notoriously are only worn once or twice and then remain in wardrobes never to be used again. So we can free up space in your wardrobe and at the same time transform surplus garments into sources of income.

Founding partners:

  • Maria Mastrangelo, CEO & Founder of Outflix, is a graduate of the University of Bologna in International Management, with a thesis in Business Intelligence.
  • Matteo Bigliardi, CFO, is a graduate of the University of Bologna, in Economics and Law.

The Bologna Chamber of Commerce provided financial support to start the company in 2019, and we are awaiting receipt of a “Digital Company 4.0 voucher” contribution for 2020. Deutsche Bank supported the Outflix project in March 2020 with financing covered 80% by the MCC Guarantee Fund.



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