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VIBRE is a startup that was founded in Cesena and operates in the sector of brain-computer interfaces.

The startup, founded by a team of bio-engineers, software engineers and clinicians, aims to make brain-computer interfaces available for mass consumption, giving companies in the sector the opportunity of developing products and applications that are fully or partly controlled by the brain.

How? Through a platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms, Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, capable of interpreting the mental state of a subject, enabling any developer to connect with it via API and develop their own applications.  

An ambitious project that aims to revolutionize, first of all, the methodological approach in the artificial intelligence market. Vibre wants to introduce the use of technologies that today are used exclusively in the world of medical research and only through figures with extremely specific competencies (bio-engineers, neurophysiologists). To date it is extremely difficult to develop applications controlled by the brain, as there are no technologies that make it possible to exploit and develop the hardware on the market for these purposes without having in-depth expertise in that sector.

The objective of Vibre is to enable companies to independently develop, within a few years, products and applications based on mental control, using very easily brain-computer interface through the platform based on artificial intelligence and big data algorithms.

Vibre’s objective is a vision rather than a project: the belief in a world in which the human-machine, brain-computer interaction is so close and symbiotic as to improve everyone's daily life, through the experimentation of these technologies. 

This type of approach opens up hitherto unthinkable scenarios, as these technologies can be used in countless fields: from the automotive sector to gaming, from medical and assistive technology to home automation, from work and road safety to art and entertainment.

The project’s potential is not limited to these areas. Our team of bio-engineers is currently working on the interpretation of words, which could open up unimaginable scenarios in many fields, from assistive technology to home automation and gaming.


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